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Asian Pest Control & Cleaning Solutions begin with comprehensive planning to include all aspects of the problem to followed by the application of preventive and control methods. Therefore, Infestation problems are reduced by careful planning so that the possibilities of pest organisms reaching detrimental levels will be kept to a minimum.

However, In the air, carpet, counter or cupboard, every home shares.It's resources with these tiny, often unseen invaders. Similarly, Pesticides are available for most common household insect pests. However, these potent chemical compounds may be more harmful to you and the environment.

Cockroach & Bed Bugs, Fruit Flies, Lizards, Crawling & flying ants, Mosquitoes, Bees, Rodents, Termite Control.

Office Cleaning, Residential Buildings General Cleaning Services, Residential Flats, Residential flats, Labour Accommodation, Ware Houses, School & Hospital.

After that, The second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century have witnessed important changes in ecology. Similarly, climate and human behavior that favor the development pests. Most alarmingly, urban planners are faced now with the dramatic expansion of urban sprawl. wherever the suburbs of our cities are growing into the natural habitats of ticks, rodents and other pests. After that, many city managers now erroneously assume that pest-borne diseases are relics that belong to the past.

However all these changes make timely a new analysis. After that direct and indirect impacts of present-day pests on health. Such as, an analysis should lead to the development of strategies to manage them and reduce the risk of exposure. After that end, WHO has invited international experts in various fields such as pests, pest-related diseases and pest management  to provide evidence on which to base policies. These experts contributed to the present report by identifying the public health risk posed by various pests and appropriate measures to prevent and control them. After that, This presents their conclusions and formulates policy options for all levels of decision-making to manage pests and pest-related diseases in the future.

However, Cockroaches and bed bugs are a very common and persistent problem in the Middle East households. They can feed on anything from garbage to sewerage, even dead skin cell debris. Even they spread their germs through droppings and regurgitation and by crawling over everything in sight. The bacteria can cause food poisoning and dysentery and their droppings or shed skins can also trigger asthma attacks. Therefore Cockroaches are nocturnal. Even if you're seeing roaches in the daytime, chances are you have a heavy infestation.

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Welcome to Asian Pest Control In Dubai. We are one of the leading company approved & License by Dubai Municipality. Provide Professional pest control and cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial establishments.

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