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Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control Service. Any of approximate 3,500 species of familiar insects in the fly order. Diptera, that are important in public health. because of the bloodsucking habits of the females. Mosquitoes are known to transmit serious diseases. Including yellow fever, Zika fever, malaria and dengue.

Physical Features & Behavior

The slender, elongated body of the adult is cover. With scales as are the veins of the wings. Mosquitoes are looking long. Fragile-looking legs and elongated. Piercing mouth parts. The feathery antennae of the male are general bushier. Than those of the female. The male, and some times the females, feed on nectar and other plant juices. In most species. The females require the proteins obtained. From a blood meal in order to mature their eggs. Different species of mosquitoes show preferences. And in many cases. Narrow restrictions as to host animals.

Calledn a surface of water. And hatch into aquatic larvae, or wrigglers. Which swim with a jerking, wriggling movement. In most species, larvae feed on algae and organic debris. Although a few are predatory and may even feed on other mosquitoes. Unlike most insects, mosquitoes in the pupal stage. Called tumblers, are active and free-swimming. The pupae breathe by means of tubes on the thorax. The adults mate after emerging from their pupal cases. Duration of the life cycle varies great depending on the species. Mosquitoes are attracted to host animals. By moisture, lactic acid, carbon dioxide, body heat, and movement. The mosquito’s hum results from the high frequency of its wing beats. And the female’s wing beat frequency may serve a means of sex recognition.

Anopheles Mosquitoes

There are three important mosquito genera. Anopheles, the only known carrier of malaria. Transmits filariasis and encephalitis. Anopheles mosquitoes are easy recognized in their resting position. In which the proboscis, head, and body are hold on a straight line to each other. But at an angle to the surface. The spotted color on the wings results from color scales. Egg laying usual occurs in water containing heavy vegetation. The female deposits her eggs single on the water surface. Anopheles larvae lie parallel to the water surface. And breathe through posterior spiracular plates on the abdomen of through a tube. As do most mosquito larvae. The life cycle is from 18 days to several weeks.

Culex Mosquitoes

The genus Culex is a carrier of viral encephalitis. And, in tropical and subtropical climates, of filariasis. It holds its body parallel to the resting surface. And its proboscis bent downward relative to the surface. The wings, with scales on the veins and the margin, are uniform. The tip of the female’s abdomen is blunt. And has retracted cerci (sensory appendages). Egg laying may occur on anybody of fresh water. Including standing polluted water. The eggs, which float on the water, are join in masses of 100 or more.​

The long and slender Culex larvae have breathing tubes that contain hair tufts. They hang head downward at an angle of 45° from the water surface. The life cycle, usual 10 to 14 days, may be longer in cold weather. The northern house mosquito is the most abundant species in northern regions. While the southern house mosquito is abundant in southern regions. Name, the tropics and subtropics.

Aedes Mosquitoes

The genus Aedes carries the pathogens. That cause yellow fever, dengue, Zika fever, and encephalitis. Like Culex, it holds its body parallel to the surface. With the proboscis bent down. The wings are uniform color. Aedes may be distinguished from Culex by its silver thorax. With white markings and posterior spiracular bristles. The tip of the female’s abdomen is pointed and has protruding cerci. Aedes usual lays eggs in floodwater, rain pools, or salt marshes. The eggs are capable of withstanding long periods of dryness. The short, stout larvae have a breathing tube containing a pair of tufts. And the larvae hang head down at a 45° angle from the water surface.​

The life cycle Aedes Mosquitoes

The life cycle may be as short as 10 days. Or in cool weather, as long as several months. The important carrier of the virus responsible for yellow fever. Has white bands on its legs and spots on its abdomen and thorax. This domestic species breeds in any kind of container. From flower pots to discarded car-tire casings. The eastern salt marsh mosquito. The black salt marsh mosquito. And the summer salt marsh mosquito are important. Mosquitoes in coastal marsh areas. That experience daily or occasional flooding with brackish or salt water. They are prolific breeders. Strong fliers, and irritants to animals, including humans.

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