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Mosquito Treatment Service

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What are Mosquitoes Attracted to in Humans? -Mosquito Treatment

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the only person in the household bitten by mosquitoes is you? Unfortunately, there are a couple of reasons that may cause you to be a mosquito’s number one target.

Blood Type: female mosquitoes bite us because they need the protein from our blood to develop their eggs. Past research suggest that mosquitoes may be attracted to certain blood types. One study found that mosquitoes landed on type O blood twice as much as type A blood.

Carbon Dioxide: one mosquito repellent method mosquitoes use to detect their target is by smelling the carbon dioxide released from our breath. You might find yourself to be a prime target for mosquitoes if you have a tendency to breathe heavily during your sleep.

Other Chemicals: mosquito repellent of carbon dioxide isn’t the only attractant. Mosquitoes may also identify their targets by smelling the substances expelled via body sweat (e.g. uric acid, ammonia). Make sure you take a nice shower after every exercise session!

Beer:  mosquito repellent one study found that drinking a single bottle of beer can make you a more attractive target for mosquitoes. One reason that researchers suspect has to do with the fact that alcohol consumption can increase your body temperature.

How to Easily Find a Single Mosquito in Your Room 

You are lying in bed ready to go sleep until you hear the dreaded sound, the buzzing sound of a flying mosquito. You won’t go to sleep until your mission of killing the lone mosquito is complete. Here are two ways to deal with this situation.

Mosquito Treatment of Flashlight Hunting Method

This method will require a flashlight and a small light source such as a lamp. First, turn off all lights in your room and leave the lamp on. Stay still until you start to hear the buzzing sound of the mosquito. When you think the mosquito has landed on a wall near the lamp, turn on the flashlight and hold it flat along the wall. The beam of the flashlight should eventually hit the mosquito and create a large shadow, making it easy for you to identify and smash.

Mosquito treatment The Smartphone Trap

This will only work if you have a light-colored blanket. Lay in bed and place your phone on your chest. Set the screen brightness to the highest setting. Next, bend your knees so that the blanket becomes visible from your lied-down position. Now, take big breaths and gently exhale in the direction of your chest. This will help draw in the mosquito. Eventually, the mosquito will make an appearance and give you a chance to smash away.

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