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General Cleaning Services Dubai & Sharjah

General Cleaning Services. Whether you hire a regular or one time cleaning service. A general cleaning services consists of the basic cleaning tasks. That include sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc. This type of 'surface' cleaning is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. 

Asian Pest & General cleaning services Company provides. General & deep cleaning services for commercial & residential properties. That are customer to requirements and budget. Service is a one time job. Or a short term or long term contract. We offer quality equipped cleaning services for any single room. Offices and retail shops to multi floor. Establish to huge enterprises like shopping malls. Factories and industries, schools and colleges, hospitals etc. by using the latest technology cleaning equipment and materials. And high dedicate and skilled trained cleaning staff. Ensure a super tidy work space. That is certain to impress visitors and clients.

We are providing the all materials. Such as vacuum machine, mopping machine & others necessary tools. We used Municipality approved liquid & dust medicine. For disinfection to your areas.

Available Cleaner for Monthly & Yearly basic Agreement 

Why You Choose Us

General Cleaning Services to Be Covered

1. We are Municipality Approved.
2. Good time-management skills.
3. Honesty.
4. Ability to work autonomous.

1. Hovering and mopping the floors.
2. Cleaning bathrooms – Sink, Mirror, Bath & Toilet.
3. Tidying up.
4. Cleaning the kitchen – Wiping down work surfaces, cupboard doors, etc.

Expert in General Cleaning Services

general cleaning services
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & Disinfection Services

We are making the residential & commercial kitchen cleaning. Commercial kitchens have extraction systems designed to expel smoke and smells. The fumes expelled are high grease. Which builds up in filters, hoods, conduits and the extractor. This grease is high inflammable and is responsible for most fires which occur in restaurants. Dirty systems force the ventilator to work harder. Consuming more energy than necessary. Creating unpleasant smells, through inadequate ventilation. By regular cleaning out the Exhaust System. You can avoid these unnecessary risks.

general cleaning services
Floor- House Cleaning Services

Nothing even compares to floors which shine as though they were complete new. We possess floor specialists. That concentrate on the maintenance from the floors exclusive. There isn’t any floor that people cannot restore to existence or preserve. Once the thing is for yourself. The end result of the floor cleaning services Dubai. You will notice the function and high quality we put in our function. The kinds of floor cleaning methods. We offer include: Draining, Waxing, Buffing as well as Grout Cleaning.

general cleaning services
Move In or Move Out Cleaning services

Deep or General cleaning is most required. Before moving in or after moving out of many premises. We are well-established professional cleaning service provider. In this field and can cater for such needs quick and efficient. We understand the brief time period. The property managers have when the tenants are being change. We take this in to consideration and work. According to bestow best results. Clients are offer complete property cleaning. With competitive prices on other services. Cleaning is carry out with the best professional cleaning team. And latest cleaning equipment and machinery.

general cleaning services
Swimming Pool Cleaning services

We are here to offer you exceptional services. In pool cleaning, pool maintenance, vacuuming pool. We provide ultimate swimming pool cleaning & pool maintenance solutions. To our clients related queries and requirements. With pool cleaning service weekly, monthly. Which includes swimming pool sidewall brushing, swimming pool tiles cleaning. Pool cleaning with best cleaning equipment & chemicals. We are Pool Cleaning Companies in Dubai & Pool Cleaning Contractor. We will be your best solution. And service provider for all your Swimming Pool requirements. The team of experts in their own field.​