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What is a Pest Control Services Agreement/AMC & Why are this Useful?

AMC Pest Control, Many of our commercial clients (and some domestic as well) choose to have a service agreement in place with us for their pest control. But what does it mean? And what are the advantages of this, rather than just giving us a ring when you find an issue?

What is a Service Agreement or Contract?

AMC Pest Control pest control service or agreement is a more proactive approach to pest control than just reacting when a problem is found. A technician will routinely (typically 24/3 times a year) visit to inspect and carry out any remedial action if necessary. This allows any pest issues to dealt with proactively before they become a large scale issue. Service agreements are not just restricted to food related sites. AMC Pest Control/Yearly Agreement available such as Restaurant, Hotel, School, Office, Warehouse, Building. AMC Pest Control/Yearly Agreement is the maintained rules of Dubai Municipality, even required also College, Saloon, SPA, All Kinds of Stores, Laundry, Grocery, etc. We also work with stables, schools and shopping centers to name a few.

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What pests can be covered by a Service Agreement / AMC Pest Control?

As every site is unique, we would carry out a full survey and risk assessment to ensure that the service agreement covers the pests that are appropriate. The most common service agreement is for rats and mice, but we also have service agreements in place with clients for ants, cockroaches, bugs, flies, mosquitoes and many more! In addition to this, we also offer Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) service and maintenance on a service agreement.

What are the advantages to having a Service Agreement or Contract?

● These are some of the advantages of having a AMC Pest Control service/ agreement in place rather than reacting to pest control issues as they arise. ● The regularity of a visit from a profession pest controller allows for signs of pests to be identified before they become a problem.● By being proactive in pest management, it minimises the need for reactive pest control. ● It can form part of Due Diligence in a food safety programmer. ● All emergency visits and treatments are included in the quarterly fee.

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