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We are Dubai & Sharjah approved pest control company. Providing ant treatment services across in Dubai. After many years of experience of our experts. Sharing some tips how can identity & how much harmful to human. If you need help to identify & Get Rid of Ant Treatment. We offer the Latest & Top expert Ant treatment control services. Using only approved chemicals. For Ants Treatment & Ants Control, and pest control treatments for any other types of pests.

Where Do Ants Live?

Ants live on every continent on earth except Antarctica. Ants make their nests in the ground. They will build elaborate tunnels and chambers to house eggs, food and their young underground. The telltale sign of a small mound of earth. With an opening at the top, known as an anthill. Is common in all areas around the globe.

What Does Ant Eat & Need Ant Treatment?

If you live anywhere in the developed world. It is likely you have seen ants in and around your home. There are thousands of species of ant. And they located on every continent on the planet. Except cold places such as Antarctica. Ants colonies work together in a kind of hive mindset. If this sounds familiar to some species of wasp. That’s because ants are related to wasps and likely shared a common ancestor millions of years ago. In general, an ant colony works together to provide for the colony as a whole. Each ant has a very specific role. Thus making the colony almost like one living organism. With the individual ants like cells within a human body. Tasked with performing percise actions.

Where Ants Come & Required Ant Treatment?

Ants have been around for millions of years. But they are close related to wasps. In fact, it believed that modern ants evolved from a common wasp ancestor. Some species of wasp evolved off of that common ancestor. But the species which became ants shed their wings and preferred to build nests in the ground. It thought this divergence in species happened during the Cretaceous period. Which was roughly 140 million years ago. In the modern world, ants found out in nature and areas of grass and dirt. They get inside through small openings, drains and other methods while looking for food.

How Ants Build Homes?

That (mandibles) to excavate earth and create tunnels. The type and size of the tunnels. Chambers and anthills varies based on the species. Few species create barely-noticeable anthills on the surface. But will create a tunnel many, many feet deep below ground before branching out. When excavated, show massive networks of connected tunnels and chambers. That go dozens of feet deep from the surface. Some species create massive anthills that tower many feet into the air at the surface.

The nests and hills are actually very carefully constructed by the ants and surprisingly complex. The hills are comprised mostly of soil or sand. The worker ants are not usually capable of transporting rocks to make the walls of the anthill, so they are rarely found within. However, they will also transport sticks or pine needles to embed within the walls to add strength to the walls of the hill and the tunnels beneath.

Ants Poisonous? Why Required Ant Treatment?

There are types of ants which are poisonous, although the more accurate term is venomous. In the United States, the most common venomous ant is the Red Imported Fire Ant, which carries sacs of venom that they can inject into prey or potential threats using their stingers.Another venomous ant that has been known to sting people is the Harvester Ant. Species of Harvester Ant are found all over the world. But the Red harvester ant is found in the southwestern United States. Given their reddish color, they are often mistaken for the Red Imported Fire Ant.

Poisonous Ants in The Worlds

Other parts of the world, there are very dangerous ants which can be poisonous and very aggressive. For example, the Bulldog Ant found in Australia. They are known to have very painful and venomous stings and can be fatal to some people if not treated properly. These ants are known for having particularly good vision and for being relentless and aggressive to potential threats. In South America, the Bullet Ant is said to have one of the most painful stings of any insect in the world.

Ants are a social insect that lives in colonies. Ant Pest control treatment plans should include killing the entire colony. Just spraying an ant with a typical ant spray. If you are still having trouble with the little pests, then you can call on the experts on Ant Pest Control. Our external Ant pest control Bait Station uses the get rid.