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Rat Pest Control Services

Rat Pest Control is a major issue for residents & industries, most of residents & industries often require rat pest control services on and off to make their home & business comfortable. Asian Pest Control is providing the best services for the rat pest control across in UAE. Rats are very dangers for your business & human life. Every year they are damaging the public’s property & spread the dangers disease. Three types of rat found in UAE. One of them Norway Rat.

Description of Norway Rat's Physical, Size, Habits, Food in UAE
Physical Description of Norway Rat

Short, dense fur covers their bodies except for the nose, tail and ears, which are bald. Their natural colors range from gray to brown, often with lighter coloring on the underside. Members of this species have been bred as pets to be white, black or brown.

Size Of Norway Rat

Norway rats are large members of the mouse family, averaging 16 inches (40 centimeters) in total length, including the tail, which is usually just a bit shorter than its body. They range from 0.5 to just over 1 pound (200 to 500 grams), and males are generally larger than females.

Habitat of Norway Rat

Despite being known as the Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus is native to northern China. International trade introduced throughout rest of the world beginning in the 18th century. Brown rats are now found on every continent except Antarctica. Originally, this species lived primarily in forests, but has since developed as a commensal species with humans, preferring to live almost anywhere humans are present. The rats now make their homes in a variety of habitats, from forests and open fields, to sewers and buildings. Brown rats may build elaborate burrows with chambers for food storage and nesting.

Food Of Norway Rat

Norway rats are foragers and are able to survive on a huge range of foods. One study of a rat's stomach contents revealed over 4,000 different items. This ability has helped it spread so successfully across the world. In urban areas, rats live largely on discarded human food, but may also become pests, eating food from cupboards or crops from fields. Away from urban areas, rats eat a variety of plants as well as whatever protein sources they can acquire. Rats have been known to catch fish and prey on lizards, chicks and other rodents.

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