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Best Pigeon Deterrent by Anti Birds Spikes

The Best Pigeon Deterrent to be use of anti bird spikes is the most popular and cost effective method of stopping birds landing and roosting somewhere where they are not wanted, such as on ledges, gutters, chimneys, TV aerials, signage, statues, balconies, walls and lamp-posts. The rigid bird spikes we use on most jobs are manufactured from either stainless steel or a clear and tough plastic, so that they are unobtrusive and long lasting.

They stand around eight inches off a tough base which is fixed to the area that needs proofing with a tough, bespoke bird spike adhesive. Put simply, once fitted with anti bird spikes, the birds can no longer land there, and they move on. Bird spiking has been described as the most effective stand-alone bird deterrent and is endorsed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for use against pigeons.

Pigeon spikes and seagull spikes or Best Pigeon Deterrent are not the same thing. So please call us to discuss the Best Pigeon Deterrent. You are having problems with and we will advise accordingly.

  • Cost Effective & Unobtrusive 
  • Ideal for Smaller Domestic Proofing 
  • Aesthetic Spiking Options Available 
  • Deters Pigeons, Seagulls, Crows ETC.

Types of Spike to Be Used for Best Pigeon Deterrent

Most bird spikes & Best Pigeon Deterrent are either made from tough plastic or stainless steel. There are many types Best Pigeon Deterrent, with different densities of bird spike per strip influencing the price. As well as the standard bird protection spikes we use on most jobs, we also supply and fit bespoke bird spiking where aesthetics is an all-important consideration.

An example of this is where we have needed to proof in public areas like town squares, where the rather wonderful looking spider spike (pictured), or Daddy Long Legs, is particular popular for customers looking at bird proofing for lamp posts. For customers concerned grappling with the age old question of ‘how to stop birds roosting on my chimney’, the chimney strap (also pictured) is particularly effective.