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Bird Removal Service or Guano Cleaning

Bird Removal Services or Guano Cleaning Services. We are providing one of the unique services. Of bird removal service or guano cleaning services. Pigeons will readily inhabit void spaces in buildings. If given the chance, and they can find a way in. Once inside, they can cause a hell of a mess quick indeed. Your average urban pigeon is a well-fed creature. That will deposit some 25lb (ca. 11 kg) of droppings a year. Female pigeons in this situation will raise three or four broods of chicks in a year.

Birds commonly nest in gutters and on high balconies and ledges. The nesting material can block external drainage. And cause leakage into the property. Immediately underneath the nest and below roosting areas. You will invariably find build-up of droppings. Plus the nest is likely to hold bird mites. Which often move inside and come after you once the chicks have fledged.

Pigeon guano carries many nasty diseases. Which can be transmitted to humans. If the correct precautions are not take when handling or cleaning it. All in all it’s important to act quick to get the problem dealt with. And to consider pigeon proofing measures to prevent a re-occurrence.

Nest & Nest Debris Clearance & Bird Removal Service

  • Biocide Clean Up                                                                           
  • Insecticidal Treatment for Bird Mites
  • Compliant Guano Disposal                                                         
  • Fully Insured & Qualified
  • Expert Advice on Proofing to Prevent Re-occurrence             
  • Full BPCA Members, Correct PPE

Our Bird Removal Service & Guano Clearance also includes the disposal of the mess, which needs to be done safely and in accordance with the law. Once completed, we can advise on appropriate pigeon proofing measures to prevent the situation repeating itself.

The disposal of any volume mess from pigeon Bird Removal Service & guano clearance can only be done by companies carrying the correct licences to do so, which we have. The clean-up work is often at height with full risk assessment and access equipment often needed before starting the work.

Damage the Public Property- Bird Removal Service

Pigeon droppings are not just unsightly; the guano itself is corrosive due to the presence of uric acid and can damage buildings and brickwork, corrode vehicles and damage other public and private property. Plus in wet weather it can create a slip hazard, a particular worry to councils and businesses.

More importantly pigeons and pigeon guano carry numerous very unpleasant diseases that can be transmitted to humans if you do not take careful precautions. Indeed their guano is treated as ‘hazardous waste’ by authorities.

For these reasons bird control guano clearance or Bird Removal Service. Should not tackle by an employee or member of the public. And should only done by professional pest controllers. With the right biocide clean-up products. And (very importantly) wearing the correct PPE clothing. Including bespoke breathing apparatus to prevent. You from breathing in any of the bacteria. You find in pigeon guano. Which becomes airborne when disturbed. Leave it well alone!