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Anti Termite Treatment

We are anti termite treatment company in Dubai. One of the leading Municipality approved Pest Control company. We are train & professional. Termite is very harmful to human. Termites may bite and sting, but these wounds are not toxic. Termites are not known to carry diseases harmful to humans, either. However, people who are living in homes infested by termites. May suffers from allergic reactions or even asthma attacks. Some people may even be allergic to termite saliva or droppings.

Termite Population

According to reports, subterranean termite colonies may include as many as 5 million termites. Worker termites make up an estimated 90% to 95% of a colony while soldiers are 1% to 3% of a colony. Each colony has very few reproductive adults with five to 10 kings in total. The kings take turns mating with the queen.

Termite Diet -Anti Termite

What do termites eat? The insect species eats plants. They also eat the fungus that develops and grows on plants that are in a state of decay. Termites eat wood because their bodies need cellulose, which is a wood component. The insects have a digestive system bacterium, and it breaks the cellulose down, giving the bugs access to hydrogen. Termites don’t come by their digestive system bacteria naturally. To get it, they eat one another’s poop.

Termites never sleep. The insects work 24 hours a day every day of their life. During this time, they eat, keep their queen happy and safe and build their nests. Since the bugs never stop, they are capable of eating a large amount of wood. If they decide to dine on a person’s home, they can do a lot of damage to it. In fact, a colony of Formosan termites have been known to eat as much as 1,000 pounds of wood in one year. The insects are able to ingest the amount of wood that would fill a football field. Along with this, termite workers look for food as far as 250 feet away from their homes.

Can Termites Harm People?

Termites can bite or sting people, but these injuries are not dangerous. Along with this, termites don’t transmit diseases to people. If your home has a termite infestation, you could be allergic to them. Some people even experience asthma attacks. Termites can be dangerous to people because the insects may damage their homes. This is why termite Prevention methods are a good idea.

Anti Termite Treatments is Safe for us?

Some company used fumigation is filled with chemical, some pest control companies employ termite extermination techniques that are known to be less toxic. But safer methods include orange oil, baiting systems, nematodes, fungi, sand, borates (or borax), and even heat treatments. No matter the method used, a professional anti termite treatment pest control expert can make sure it is administered in a way that will be safe for you, your family, and your pets.

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