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Termite Treatment, There are several different types of termites in the world. There are approximately 2,000 known termite species, all of them varying in shape, size and behavior. The one thing they have in common is a love for wood, and the damage they can do to homes and property. Here are three types of Termite in Unite Arab Emirates.

1. Subterranean Termites- Termite Treatment

By far the most destructive and widespread species in the United Arab Emirates, western subterranean termites live in underground colonies. Rather than embracing moisture like damp wood termites, they live between it – below the frost line but above the water table. Western subterranean termites are claustrophobic and build mud tubes for safe passage, sheltered from the elements. Secondary colonies may live above ground if there is moisture, such as a leaky pipe. They prefer to eat soft woods – no spring wood is safe from them, but in the summer, they stick to newspapers as they cannot digest the lignin in the wood.

Similarly, If you find damaged wood on your property and the holes appear like a honeycomb, it is likely the culprits are subterranean termites. After that, Common in the United Arab Emirates, a crack less than 1/16 inch (1-2mm) is all the clearance a western subterranean termite requires for access into your property.

Characteristics of western subterranean -Termite Treatment

The winged reproductive caste (alates) is dark brown to brown-black, with brownish gray wings. However, The front wings have two dark, hardened veins in front and the front wing is larger than the hind wing. When swarming, they are black and their wings are twice the size of their body. Except for the queen, all other members of the colony are whitish and termite soldiers look like peanuts!

Western subterranean termite biology -Termite Treatment

It only takes two to start a colony. After swarming, a pair of reproductive construct a cavity for a future nest site and mate within a day. The female lays about 10 eggs, which hatch 50 days later, giving the pair plenty of time to get settled in. Development takes over 5 months, with up to 7 instars (stages). Swarmers don’t appear until the third or fourth year. Swarming takes place in daytime in the spring in the northern regions, and following rain in southern regions. In the fall, swarms can reach substantial sizes in some areas.

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