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Termite Pest Control Services

Termite Pest Control Services. There are several different types of termites in the world. There are approximately 2,000 known termite species, all of them varying in shape, size and behavior. The one thing they have in common is a love for wood, and the damage they can do to homes and property. Here are three types of Termite in Unite Arab Emirates.

This standard gives recommendation for the chemical treatment of soil. For the protection of buildings form attack by subterranean termites. It includes reference to the chemical to be use. Lay down the rate of application for usage. And outlines procedures to follow. While the building is under construction or after construction.

Pre-Construction Termite Pest Control Treatment

For the purpose of this standard. The following definitions shall apply. Soil treatment- this is a process. In which soil treatment is applied to a building. During the early stages of its construction.

Vertical surface: treatment after the masonry foundation. The retaining walls of basement come up to ground level.

Horizontal surface: treatment to top surface of plinth below ground slab level.

Around building at ground level. Treatment of soil along perimeter of the building. After the external walls are complete.  

Requirements for Barrier and Method of Application

1- Time of application: laying of mass concrete should start when the chemical emulsion has been absorbed by the soil and the surface quite dry.

2- Disturbance: once formed the treated soil barrier shall not be disturbed. If by chance the treated soil disturbed, immediate steps shall be taken to restore the continuity and completeness of the barrier system.

Post-Construction Termite Pest Control

Galleries in wood: Wood damaged by termites has galleries that. Tend to run with the grain. Although some will cross the grain. These galleries can be distinguished from similar damage caused. By other wood infestation insects. They usual contain soil particles instead of sawdust.

Mud Tubes: Are also evidence of infestation. When termites cross concrete and similar surfaces to reach wood. They construct these tubes as a shelter. The tubes made of soil particles cemented with saliva and excreted fluid waste.

Soil Passages: Termites feed on wood and cellulose materials. But they need constant moisture to survive. Colonies usual nest in the soil which provides that moisture.

Moist Wood: wood which is in direct contact with the soil. Such as under a dirt filled porch, provides the ideal condition for termites.

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